Multi-Media Matters

Today’s modern culture expects to be entertained on all sorts of levels on all sorts of platforms.

  • Television
  • Films
  • Adverts
  • Magazines – printed and online
  • Websites
  • Video
  • Games
  • Apps
  • Music and soundtracks

We are all now communicating on an entirely different level, and the necessity to keep up with the advances in technology and methods of delivery increasingly important to stay relevant in the modern world.

The two key elements to attract and keep today's audiences are:

  • Pictures – preferably moving ones in the form of video
  • Stories – particulary dramatic stories

The written word is still important, but because of the difficulty in crafting it and the time to read it, it has taken a bit of a back seat unless it is well crafted both artistically and psychologically. (Here, at Tallowin, our favourite form is that of Japanese Haiku - very difficult to compose, but incredibly powerfull and effective poetry in just three highly structured lines)

Gaining Customers - The Structure of Connection

Every business wants to be more popular, to connect to a wider audience and customer base. To do that effectively, we have to know how to communicate with them.

The process of communicating with an audience on a business level is the same process as entering into and having a social conversation with another person, for when seeking new customers, a business is seeking to engage and have a “conversation” with people. The same rules apply and the “target” is therefore interchangeable.

The process of initiating a conversation is a time-honoured process, developed as a key part of civilised society to ensure that we make the right connections with the right people as efficiently as possible without causing offence or embarrassment.

Each new conversation is an exchange, a form of negotiation, politely “testing the waters”, on a progressive path, to check the “fit” of personalities, ideas and objectives, with the aim of making a lasting connection.

The Structure of Connection is a brief summary of those “rules of engagement” outlined in a 3 stage process:

Engage - Inform - Connect

The Structure of Connection

If you need to stay relevant – Browse our site and the examples of our work and contact us at Tallowin to see how we can help you deliver your message in the most powerful and effective way possible with up-to-date technology.