About Tallowin

Mmm… Tallowin, that's an unusual name! Where does it come from?

That is the usual response I get when introducing myself. Actually as far as we know it dates back to Norfolk wool merchants.

Anyway, hi, I am Rod Tallowin. I started my business career in 1976 doing electronics R & D for a medical engineering company. The company was expanding and within a couple of few years becoming National Sales & Marketing Manager and then Export Sales Manager.

In 1984 after a takeover by a large American company I switched roles again to take financial control of the company eventually becoming Finance and then Operations Director. Meanwhile, in 1986 I computerised the finance and operations of the company, and at that time decided I wanted to write software. So, I taught myself C programming and subsequently produced software for various group companies. Then in the early 90's I started dabbling with the internet.

I met my wife, Penny Parks, in 1985 who over the next few years established herself as a leading psychotherapist internationally in the field of Child Abuse. (See www.ppfoundation.org for further information.) Psychology has always been an interest of mine and I subsequently took some psychotherapy training. As a master NLP practitioner my wife introduced me to in NLP which I subsequently studied with a particular focus on motivation, leadership and marketing. I qualified swiss replica watches as an NLP practitioner in 2010.

In 1998 I left the medical engineering company to spend more time developing my computing skills and soon joined a computer services company to add software and internet services to their services portfolio and setting up as an Internet Service Provider. I took over as Managing Director and merged the company with an Internet Portal company that required an ISP with our level of programming skills. As part of the portal I set up what is probably still the UK's largest privately owned free email service with emails available across over 15000 domains. Having increased the size of the business 5 fold and doubling margins I left to set up my own business development consultancy in early 2002. However, because of my extensive programming and internet skills and experience, website development has inevitably always been a big part of what I do.

With the advent of on-line marketing, traditional marketing methods are now rapidly changing. It is becoming an exciting, albeit complex area where getting it right can significantly reward companies of all types, shapes and sizes, in a more tightly controlled, cost effective way. By focusing on this discipline I bring to swiss replica watches my clients my complete portfolio of business, internet, financial, psychology/motivational, sales and marketing experience to bear on my primary core competence - maximising client potential.

Is that a unique offering or what? - and only a telephone call (01728 861228) or email (rod@tallowin.com) away.

Below is a picture of myself (in the middle) belatedly following a long-held family right of becoming a freeman of the City of Norwich. The Tallowin family have been Freemen of this fine city dating back many centuries.

What our clients say...

Provided below are a selection of client types reflecting the breadth of work undertaken by Tallowin. Pertinent comments by the client have been included where available to highlight their feedback on aspects of particular interest.

Business Development & Support

A manufacturing company in the building sector. The company was careering from one disaster to another. Tallowin were engaged to go through all aspects of the business and to set it on an even keel. Tallowin initially pulled the accounting system into line providing proper financial reporting and ascertaining the actual state of the business. Giving strategic direction to the business after constructing a full financial model of the business. Re-Negotiated purchase and sales contracts as well as re-structuring the finance of the company with the bank. Trimming and re-organising the workforce as appropriate. Providing a complete plan for taking the business into the future.

Client Comment: (A fine example of the power of good motivation even in difficult circumstances the following comment was made after cutting employee hours and increasing production targets by 50%) :
"I have never seen the employees so happy." - Brian Moore - (former Production Manager - now business owner)

A company providing a range of I.T. services. The business was struggling in a competitive market place when Tallowin were involved. Tallowin changed strategic direction of the business adding core services to the portfolio. Merged the company with another I.T. business adding key investment and internet opportunities.

Client Comment:
"Increasing sales five-fold in 3 years whilst doubling margins isn't bad going." - Managing Director

Websites & Marketing

A company specialising in the sale of property and property investments in France. Tallowin provided a site designed to sell property and leaseback investments in France. It was provided complete with a powerful back-office system integrating directly with French property management software enabling fast input of new properties including image management. It also automated the handling of website enquiries, matching buyers to properties. Within 3 months of launch this site was generating 30,000 unique hits per month through the search engines generating a large number of enquiries.

Client Comment:
"We will be eternally grateful to Rod for his collaboration at the outset of our company. His instinctive understanding of our needs, his reliability, rapid efficiency and "next level thinking" proved to be essential to the launching of our business. Not only did he design our website but also created and developed personalised software enabling our daily workload output to be multiplied many-fold. To this day, over two years in, he is still available when we need him. We consider him almost as an integral part of the company." - Damon McGuinness - Director

A company providing all the services required for moving home. Tallowin provided their website which included fully automated quotation and client update systems with back-end administration.

Client Comment:
"Rod, the site is amazing!!!!!!!!" - Brian Leppard - Director

I.T. System Development

An award winning Floristry business. Tallowin provided full bespoke computerisation of the business including Sales, Manufacturing, Delivery and Accounts.

Client Comment:
"I am amazed at how well you have understood and captured our business to provide such a invaluable and enduring system. I don't know how we managed without it." - Business Owner

Client: A major Natural History picture library. Tallowin developed their business management software including digital picture processing and integrated website management system. Initially developed their website which was then passed over to a specialist in picture library website development and hosting. Tallowin now provide e-marketing and business support as well as basic I.T. system support.

Client Comment:
'In a crisis there is no one better to turn to than Rod, he is reliable, and extremely knowledgeable' - Jean Hosking - Business Owner

If you need to stay relevant – Browse our site and the examples of our work and contact us at Tallowin to see how we can help you deliver your message in the most powerful and effective way possible with up-to-date technology.