With the technology available to us today there are now 2 avenues of conversation open to us:

  • The traditional one to one conversation, either face to face or via telephone.
  • An “online conversation” through websites and online video, presentations, audio and literature.

Although using online technology may seem to make it a one sided conversation, it gives us choice as to whether we watch, listen and engage in them. We determine, the how, when and where the “conversation” takes place.

It gives us the chance to engage on our terms, to dream and to pursue a deeper connection without putting ourselves on the spot, without fear of rejection or embarrassment. We can flirt with the ideas and opportunities put before us. We can experience a level of intimacy without commitment or the threat of commitment.

For this reason, online video is rapidly becoming the default way of providing and disseminating information. With, currently, 55% of web searches being done on video sites (YouTube, etc.) and around 100 hours of video being uploaded every minute there is certainly a lot of content available to have that “conversation” with.

  • Video
  • Presentations (PowerPoint)
  • Audio
  • Touch
  • Conversation

Utilising state of the art professional (Pansonic AVCIntra P2 - BBC approved) cameras, audio equipment and software we can provide you with full HD video for any platform.

Shown below are a simple example of a series of Interviews with Penny Parks (a top psychotherapist in the field of Child Abuse). These were both published to her YouTube Channel and as Flash videos directly to the Penny Parks Training website: